When is the best time to have your air conditioner serviced?

When is the best time to have your air conditioner serviced?

In this line of work, we can’t preach it often enough: no air conditioner is invincible. All units, no matter how reliably they’ve worked, will fail some day.

No, it’s not fun to think about. But it’s reality.

What’s worse is not knowing when your air conditioner will fail – or even knowing that there was a small problem that could have been fixed and the need for a costly repair or replacement prevented.

That’s why we always recommend that the best time to have your air conditioner serviced is annually, preferably in the early spring when you likely still don’t have to use it. This gives you plenty of time to address any repairs, if needed.

Why you should have your AC unit serviced

Now that you know the best time to have your AC unit serviced, let’s dig into the details as to why. If you’re not convinced yet, then trust us, we’ve got a few reasons that make an excellent case.

Compare cost of service to repair and replacement

First, let’s talk about that bank account. That seems to be a very effective way to assure people that getting their AC looked at by a professional this time of year is a great idea.

Why? Well, look at the costs.

According to Angi.com, the average AC tune-up is going to run a homeowner anywhere from $75 to $200, depending on where they live and what company they choose to have come out and service the unit. The size of the unit itself will also have an effect on the final price.

However, let’s say the technician spots what looks like something that could become a potential issue. That repair cost is going to add a few hundred dollars to the final bill relatively easily.

And remember: a small, minor repair that’s more preventative in nature is typically going to be cheaper than a large repair caused by a problem that went unaddressed for too long of a time period.

After repairs start to add up too quickly, we start to talk about replacement. This is what hurts the bank account most.

What does a brand new air conditioner cost? Well, that’s going to vary based on the home or building’s needs, but a rough average of a brand new air conditioner is about $7,500, according to Angi.com.

You could lower your monthly utility bill

Air conditioners, like many large appliances, start to become less efficient with age. But by skipping an annual service appointment, you are just speeding up that aging process for the AC unit.

While estimates can vary a bit, it’s a safe bet to say that an air conditioner will lose anywhere from 5 percent to 9 percent efficiency each year it goes without being serviced.

Now, when it comes to the heat of summer, all that lost efficiency is going to add up in the form of higher and higher energy bills. With a tuned-up unit that’s working as it should for its age, you should be able to trim some dollars off each summer month’s bill.

Want to save even more money? Who doesn’t? Read this post for more summer energy-saving tips that keep more money in your wallet.

Keep your family comfortable

Another problem caused by an inefficient, poorly working air conditioner unit is the discomfort it can cause for the people and pets in your house.

With the hot summer months approaching, you want to be able to live comfortably in your home without having to make the AC unit work harder than it needs to. With an annual maintenance checkup, you can make sure your unit and entire HVAC system is ready to take on the summer heat without breaking a sweat (or much of one, anyway).

DIY steps you can take vs. leave it to a professional

Tuning up an air conditioner unit and performing repairs are jobs best left to professionals. There are many intricacies to how a unit and the entire HVAC unit should work together. This takes a pro’s eye and attention to detail.

On top of that, working with AC units can be dangerous. There are many moving parts, risk of electrical shock and harmful materials, such as antifreeze, that should also make any DIY-focused person pause before they try to tackle too much by themselves.

That’s why, even though there may be guides and resources out there that show you how to work on your AC unit, we can’t recommend you take on those tasks yourself. Your safety is important to us.

The earlier you schedule, the better

In an ideal world, you would call and schedule an AC service appointment and have the task finished relatively quickly, right?

Well, just remember that everyone is thinking the same thing. With summer coming, they don’t want their homes to be without cool air to relieve them.

This means that it’s not the best idea to wait around and delay getting an appointment in the books. The earlier you reach out, the more likely a technician will be able to prioritize your appointment and get your AC unit looked at and everything taken care of as quickly as possible.

If you wait too long and summer is right around the corner – or it’s already summer – then you’re going to have to fight busy schedules and likely have to wait longer to get your unit seen. While that may seem fine for a tune-up, it’s definitely not the best case scenario when there’s actually a problem with the unit.

So, play it safe and schedule in advance.

Schedule an AC service call today

Looking for a professional to come out and service your air conditioner? Look no further than Comfortec Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We have a full team of experienced, certified professionals who will be able to clean your unit, identify preventative steps to take to keep it running at peak efficiency and help you navigate any necessary larger repairs.

Give us a call toll free at 888-362-2106 or schedule a service call today.

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