5 common summer air conditioning issues

5 common summer air conditioning issues

Summer and the hot weather that arrives with it are both on the way. If past summers are any evidence, then we could be seeing temperatures creep up sooner rather than later.

So, with that in mind, now’s the time to have your air conditioning unit tuned up and serviced by a pro so you can catch any issues that might be present before they become the cause of potential unit failure.

Once the air conditioner keeping you and your family’s home comfortable has been serviced, you can usually rest assured that it’s going to keep the air inside the house cool this upcoming season. That assumes, however, that it’s being well maintained and isn’t getting on in years.

If you’re concerned that your AC unit has not been maintained as well as it could be – or that it’s nearing the end of its life – then having a professional come out and service the unit is highly recommended.

On top of that, we also recommend keeping an eye out for common signs of unit failure. We’ve gathered a rundown of some of the most common problems homeowners like yourself could expect to encounter with AC units that may not be in the greatest or newest condition.

1. Dirty air filters

One of the most common reasons an air conditioner unit or the fan that blows the cool air throughout your home doesn’t seem to be working quite properly is a dirty air filter.

When an air filter becomes clogged, its performance will only decrease. While a dirty air filter is unavoidable (it’s doing its job of removing contaminants and dirt from the air that blows through your home, after all), leaving a filter to gather dust will only make your entire HVAC system work harder.

This much stress on the fan and longer run time of the AC unit itself can lead to part failures. In some cases, you might also notice an increase in energy bills because these components need to work harder to cool your home due to the dirty air filter.

Pay attention to how often your air filter manufacturer recommends replacing the air filter. Some higher quality filters should be replaced once every three months. Others must be replaced once a month.

And remember: Filters may need to be replaced more often in higher use months.

2. Low or no air flow through vents

Another common sign that your air conditioner could be having troubles is a weak or no air flow at all coming from vents. Believe it or not, this could be due to a dirty air filter, but there are other potential causes, too.

If you are able to rule out the air filter as the root cause of the problem, then it may be an issue with the fan, which has many moving parts. Fan issues can include dirt having built up on those parts, worn out belts or a broken motor.

Any of those fan-related issues will require a professional to come out and repair or replace parts.

3. No cold air

If air is being blown through your vents, but it isn’t cold, then you may have an issue with your compressor or some other component on the outdoor unit.

For example, there may be a tripped circuit breaker that is not allowing the outdoor unit to actually kick on. In this case, the fan will just circulate air that is already inside the home rather than get cold air for the AC unit.

Other issues could cause this problem include leaking refrigerant or a failed compressor. Either way, these issues will need to be addressed by a service tech.

4. Low or leaking refrigerant

Air conditioners need refrigerants to absorb heat from the indoors. This keeps the air inside your home dry and cold.

However, when the refrigerant is in a liquid state, it can sometimes leak from air conditioner coils. A certified technician can come out to your home, find the source of the leak, seal it up and restore refrigerant levels to where they need to be.

Once that work is completed, you should begin to see noticeably cooler air flowing through your home in no time.

5. Higher utility bills

There is often a dead giveaway to an air conditioning unit that isn’t functioning properly – and you will notice very quickly when looking at your bank account.

Higher utility bills can clue you into AC problems. Unless your area is going through a record-breaking hot spell, you shouldn’t see too much of a sudden increase in AC use outside what’s normal for the summer months.

It’s best not to just eat the higher costs, either. An energy bill that is a hundred or a couple hundred dollars more than normal won’t hurt nearly as much as the thousands of dollars it can cost to replace a worn out AC unit.

And even some repairs can add hundreds of dollars to your list of needed expenses. It’s best to act on those higher energy bills when you notice them to avoid the added costs down the road.

Bonus: Skipped a year (or more) of servicing the AC unit

Any number of the above issues could be brought about by one other common reason people have air conditioning trouble in the summer. Hint: We’ve already mentioned this earlier in the post.

That’s right. Not having your AC unit serviced ahead of its peak usage season, that being summer, of course, is asking for trouble. That trouble may not come this year, but it could come the following summer.

Skip more than one recommended seasonal service call and you’re simply playing with fire and a ticking time bomb in the form of an air conditioner.

Conclusion: Call Comfortec

Your air conditioner causing some concern? If you are encountering any of the above issues, then give Comfortec a call.

We will send out one of our trained and licensed professionals to come and diagnose the issue and present you with options for solutions.

Give us a call toll free at 888-352-2106 or complete our online form to request a service call and get your air conditioner or other home HVAC issue resolved and everyone comfortable again.

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