10 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Next Plumber

10 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Next Plumber

As a responsible homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your home maintained. You recognize that a well-kept home is more valuable than a neglected one.

That's no easy - or cheap - feat. In fact, statistics show that maintenance and repairs cost the average homeowner one to four percent of the home's value each year. It's clear that such investments are worthwhile, even if they cost a pretty penny here and there.

When it comes to plumbing repairs and maintenance, it's important to stay on top of things. The longer you wait to fix a plumbing issue, the more likely it is to cause even more of a headache. That's why you know you need to take care of plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

So, how are you supposed to choose from the many plumbers available? Continue reading for ten things to look for when hiring a plumber.

1. Check for Licensing

Did you know that there are unions for plumbers? Many states and populated areas provide union membership for plumbers who are willing to go through the training. For the most part, plumbers start as apprentices and eventually become qualified journeyman plumbers.

Research what you state and city requires when it comes to licensing for plumbers. Not every area has a union available, but that doesn't mean you can't find some well-qualified plumbers. It's a good idea to make sure your plumber has some sort of formal certification or training.

2. Before Hiring a Plumber, Make Sure He or She Can Provide Insurance

Plumbing can be a messy job, obviously. In some cases, accidents happen that can damage or ruin part of your home by accident. That's when you'd be grateful that your plumber has insurance to cover any cost for repairs or maintenance caused by their services.

This is a simple check for most plumbing services. All you need to do is make sure they can provide verifiable accident insurance before you hire them.

3. Check Out the Plumbing Service's Website

In today's modern society, a trustworthy business is going to have a solid online presence. That starts with a functional, engaging website.

Look at the website of the plumbing service you are looking to hire. Has it been recently updated? If the site doesn't look sophisticated enough for you, it's okay to give up and start looking elsewhere.

4. Research Online Reviews

Speaking of an online presence, don't forget to check out a plumbing service's online reviews. You can start by the basic Google or Yelp search to see what previous customers have to say. You'll find that these reviews are trustworthy enough to influence your decision when hiring a plumber.

5. Make Sure the Plumber Can Provide Details on the Estimate Process

When a plumber comes to your home to provide the initial estimate, make sure you ask plenty of questions. Sometimes, plumbing services prefer to take advantage of homeowners by charging them too much money.

One way to battle that is to have them explain, in detail, the reasons for the estimate they provide. In fact, ask them for a breakdown of the service costs. If things seem to be too expensive for what you expected, it's okay to keep looking.

If you're uncertain, go ahead and get a couple other estimates before you make a decision. This is one way to ensure you don't get taken advantage of or overcharged

6. Ask About How Much Experience the Plumber Has

There are so many plumbers available today that it can be hard to determine which services are truly the best. In fact, statistics show that the number of jobs available for plumbers is expected to increase by a whopping 16% over the next few years. So, how can you narrow down your best option?

Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions when you initially interact with a potential plumber. If it seems like he or she is stumbling through answers, or that there isn't a long history of experience to share, be willing to keep looking around.

7. You Can Trust a Plumber Who Cares About Your Finances

As mentioned above, there are plumbers out there who are looking to take advantage of homeowners. Don't be one of those unfortunate statistics.

One way to tell whether or not you can trust a plumber is by how dedicated they are to saving you money. Perhaps, instead of trying to sell you a ton of their services, they offer guidance on saving plumbing costs in the future. A plumber willing to share that information is a plumber you can trust to take care of you.

8. Analyze Their Customer Service

Speaking of taking care of you, a trustworthy plumber should have the absolute best customer service. You should feel like a top priority every time you interact with the potential plumbing service.

One good idea is to take a look at their social media accounts if they have any. Social media can be a great reflection of a business's dedication to customer satisfaction. If they are clearly involved in their online community, you can believe that they'll be intentional when interacting with you.

9. Make Sure the Rates Are Clearly Established

Perhaps one of the most important things you're considering is how much this repair or maintenance is going to cost. The good news is that most trusted plumbers have their rates readily available. If they don't, it's likely they aren't willing to share them for a reason.

10. Make Sure the Plumber Gets the Basics Right

Last, but not least, a plumber obviously needs to know what he or she is doing. A highly qualified and experienced plumber will be able to provide detailed knowledge about his or her trade. Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions regarding their understanding of the trade - especially if you don't know much about it yourself.

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We know how important it is for you to be able to trust and rely on the plumber you hire. We have a wealth of knowledge about our trade and would love to share it with you. We encourage you to contact us today to ask us any questions you may have about our knowledge, experience, and dedication to serving your plumbing needs.

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