Why you should get your furnace serviced this fall

Why you should get your furnace serviced this fall

There’s a definite chill in the air and day seems to fade to night a lot sooner than it did even a couple weeks ago. That can mean only one thing: Fall is here - and it’s time to get your home’s furnace serviced.

Don’t ignore an annual furnace check-up. You may be enjoying more open windows now, but pretty soon you will want to heat your home once temperatures drop too low.

Most experts will recommend having a professional inspect your home’s HVAC system twice a year. Energy Star recommends scheduling HVAC tune-ups sometime near the beginning and end of daylight savings time each year.

Furnace inspections keep system lasting longer

Furnaces are the most common residential heating system in the United States. Like most equipment, furnaces can need tuneups and repairs from time to time.

A furnace checkup by a qualified professional helps prevent future problems, as Energy Star notes. Some money spent now making sure everything is in peak working condition and operating as efficiently as possible will save you money in the long run.

Biannual service appointments can draw out the lifespan of your furnace - and the rest of the HVAC system in your home. These services can also prevent more serious equipment problems or failure that could mean hefty repair bills.

Most people who end up needing to call for an emergency home heating situation have done so because they have not had their furnace inspected on a regular basis. Some experts claim 75 percent of the calls they get for emergency furnace fixes are due to this reason.

Health risks decrease with a properly working furnace

By having a technician inspect your furnace, you can prevent health concerns from becoming a problem.

For example, carbon monoxide leaks can be found during furnace inspections. Carbon monoxide leaks are especially dangerous because the gas is colorless and odorless, making it very difficult to detect.

Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause many symptoms, including headaches, dizziness and nausea. It can even cause death. Carbon monoxide exposure kills an estimated 500 people every year and hospitalizes 15,000 people every year.

Your health is no joke. Neither is having your furnace checked.

Energy bills increase when a furnace isn’t working properly

By not having your furnace serviced, you run the risk of it falling into disrepair, which very likely means it won’t work properly. You will notice this once your monthly heating bill comes in the mail. The costs will probably skyrocket if your furnace is not working like it should.

Save money on your energy bills by making sure you get your furnace serviced by a technician. Your wallet will thank you.

How to find a qualified HVAC technician to service your furnace

As far as furnace checkups are concerned, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. A qualified HVAC technician will be able to recognize potential issues that could develop into real problems that need more expensive repairs down the road.

Finding the right technician comes down to knowing what to expect from a reputable technician. A good technician will be on time and be able to give you a thorough rundown of what they will be looking for. They’ll also be able to provide you with evidence that they carry all necessary licenses or certifications.

Reputable technicians will also not keep you in the dark on expected costs and will be able to answer any questions you have - or will work to find an answer for you.

Change your air filter regularly

One of the best things homeowners can do themselves to help keep their entire HVAC system is to stay on top of changing air filters regularly. Clean filters keep particles of dust and dirt from gathering inside the HVAC system. A dirty system only leads to trouble.

Energy Star recommends changing air filters when they begin to look dirty. It is best to check air filters once a month and replace them every three months at minimum. Don’t forget to keep an even closer eye on air filters in the summer and winter, when air conditioning and heat are used more heavily.

Know when it’s time to replace a furnace

Even the best-maintained furnaces do not last forever. Most experts place the average furnace unit’s lifespan at about 15 years. After that, it’s time to start looking for a new unit.

However, you should be aware of signs that an older furnace is simply going downhill. Sometimes, the solution isn’t having the furnace serviced.

It could be time to replace your furnace if you notice a sudden spike in gas or electric bills, depending on how your furnace is powered. Older furnaces won’t operate as efficiently as newer units and will need to draw more energy to heat a home. They likely will take longer to heat the home, too.

Any unfamiliar noises that are heard often could mean it is time for a new furnace. Most furnaces are noisey from the get-go, sure, but anything that is more than a steady hum should be cause for concern. Rattling, screeching and any booming noises should be looked into immediately.

Also keep an eye on how certain rooms fare in the cold weather. Is the entire home being heated evenly? Are there some rooms that simply can’t seem to be as comfortable as the rest of the house? This could be a sign that the furnace isn’t operating as well as it needs to in order to heat those rooms. There could be other problems, too, such as too much heat escaping.

Get your furnace serviced this fall

To avoid having to deal with chilly temperatures and discomfort inside the home later this year - and to save money on heating in general - have your home’s furnace serviced this fall. You could be doing yourself a favor by preventing the need to pay for expensive repairs or an early furnace replacement.

Get in touch with a Comfortec Heating, Plumbing and Cooling licensed technician to set up a time to have us visit your home and keep your furnace working properly.

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