How To Ready HVAC And Plumbing for A Vacation

How To Ready HVAC And Plumbing for A Vacation

When we are away from home on vacation or holiday, unexpected HVAC and plumbing dysfunctions may occur. Here are some tips for preparing the HVAC and plumbing system when enjoying time away from town.

There may be several times you have come back home to a broken heater and an uncomfortable home from a vacation. It is the last thing anyone would wish for after having a memorable experience out of town and from the hassle and bustle of the city.

The key lesson is that when planning for some summer fun or a trip, the planning should be comprehensive. As we book flights and accommodation, we should also think about how we will leave our homes.

Whether it is ensuring electronics are unplugged, installing security systems, or hiring a house or pet sitter, it will ensure that we find our homes as good as we left them.

You must learn to prioritize preparing your home’s HVAC and plumbing system for a vacation. It comes with cost savings, prevents accidents, and ensures the systems run efficiently until you are back.

Here are some HVAC and plumbing-related tasks to complete before going out of town.

1. Draining Water Lines

Whether we are leaving for a few days or months, it is always a good idea to shut off the water supply in our homes. The last thing you want to come home to is flooding or a leak. Homeowners need to understand that leaks and pipe bursts are not reserved for winter alone. They can happen any time of the year, and they must be prepared when it does.

We shut off water lines for two key reasons to avoid damage resulting from broken pipes and an overwhelming water bill. When the supply lines are on, the water maintains high pressure, and should a burst occur, water continues to flow until the main is drained.

When leaks and pipe bursts are left unattended, a lot of water is wasted, attracting abnormally large water bills.

Shutting your main water line is something you should religiously do to avoid these problems when away from home.

2. Adjusting the HVAC Thermostat

It is always best not to shut off the HVAC system when you leave. HVAC systems are designed for regular use. If left idle for a long time, some of their components could get damaged and stop functioning optimally.

Energy conservation is a concern when it comes to leaving the HVAC on. Why should the temperatures be maintained while there is nobody at home? This ensures the system is protected and that not too much energy goes to waste.

It is recommended that you lower the temperature by 5 degrees.

This ensures the HVAC system has adequate activity and moisture buildup is prevented. Thanks to that adjustment, you will come home to comfortable temperatures and an intact HVAC system.

3. Vacuuming the House

To keep the HVAC system in good working condition, prevent the vents from clogging. To control the air system, clean the house before leaving. Considering the HVAC system is on a low setting at this time, it is not unusual for dust particles to build up.

Allergen triggers, dust, and other particles will build up in the house after some time. These particles circulate in the airflow and will end up in the HVAC system. This is why it is essential to vacuum the house before leaving. It will reduce the number of contaminants.

Some yard work like clearing the vegetation and leaves will also reduce the strain on HVAC equipment.

4. Closing the Windows

Often, we close the windows and blinds for security reasons, but it also helps in saving energy and making work easy for the HVAC system. Before leaving for a holiday, make rounds in your house to ensure that windows, doors, and blinds are closed.

Such openings and leaks allow hot air to leave the house during the cold season and allow hot air to enter the home during summer, significantly increasing the HVAC system’s workload. More so, when the sun is shining directly on the thermostat, it can mislead it to assume that it is hotter than it is, considerably increasing the unit usage.

5. Changing The Air Filter

Changing the HVAC air filter is an essential HVAC maintenance task. It is an inexpensive task that allows you to enjoy the comfort and avoid unnecessary repairs. Cleaning the air filters has always been a good idea before leaving my home for days, weeks, or whichever duration I am away.

This is one way to ensure that the HVAC system does not suffer pressure drop and the system does not work harder than it should. Dust and debris will have fewer chances of settling on the air filter, reducing pressure on the entire system. Thanks to this ritual, my system has never encountered premature failure and has helped avoid unnecessary components repair and replacement costs.

Dirty air filters are also more prone to condensation. When they become damp, mold grows and will spread out through the entire house. Not only can this compromise the HVAC system, but it may also cause serious health consequences.

6. Checking The Gutters And Sump Pump

When traveling during the rainy season, inspect the gutters to ensure they can handle rainwater when you are away. Removing sticks from the inlets, debris and leaves is something you don’t miss to protect your foundation from flooding.

To further proof the rainwater drainage system, evaluate the sump pump to ensure that water will not flood in case the gutters fail for some reason.

Schedule A Professional HVAC And Plumbing Maintenance Check

Preparing the HVAC and plumbing system is key to a worry-free vacation and comfort after returning home. Comfortec Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing offer a wide range of HVAC and plumbing services from AC maintenance, repair, and replacement.

When planning to go for a holiday and you need an HVAC and plumbing inspection and maintenance, always give Comfortec a call to ensure the systems are running efficiently and to have a relaxing vacation.

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